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Envelopes stuffed with feelings found [entries|friends|calendar]
she covered her love like stars cover the sky

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[23 Jun 2005|09:21pm]
I hate feeling like I don't know people sometimes. It's nuts

Someone comment on this bitch.
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stolen from sheaaaa [21 Jun 2005|11:40am]
[ mood | awake ]

Step 1: Put your media player on random.
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 20 songs that play.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from.
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly and give them credit.

boredCollapse )

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[19 Jun 2005|01:35pm]
[ mood | bored ]


ADD ME @ OMFGHALEY. k thanks

♥ hk

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[17 Jun 2005|01:01pm]
Hey. I'm about to delete this journal sooo add me @ my new username OMFGHALEY
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[16 Jun 2005|10:54am]
K. I have a new username soo add me there. please.

its omfghaley.

♥ hk
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for mr glass [14 Jun 2005|10:49pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[14 Jun 2005|07:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So yeah.

Life=good. I can honestly say that I'm happy. I've got wonderful friends :)

I haven't updated sinceee.. I don't know when. Not too long ago. Saturday Katie, Lindsey, and I went to the Mae show. It was great! I saw an old guy friend there and we talked a good bit. Sunday, Emily, Lindsey, Katie, and I all spent the night together and then had practice Monday. After practice, Lindsey, katie, and I went to the zoo. Yea it would've been fun if I was like.. 5 and it was 50 degrees cooler. Today practice went better than it did yesterday. I didn't feel as dead when I got up this morning.

Today was also a lot of fun. After practice I met up with a friend to eat lunch. After that we went and looked at movies and music, then headed off to play airhockey, ping pong, and raquet ball. The most fun thing though was going to the park!

Anyways. another pointless entry.

♥ hk

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[11 Jun 2005|01:34pm]
Please don't think I'm mad but yeah. I can't help but be.

If there was any doubt in your mind at all when you told me to get the dang thing, you should've said something along the lines of "If the weather is bad I can't go". Then I would've waited a few days to see what the weather was going to be like. So yeah. Whatever.

♥ hk
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[08 Jun 2005|12:44am]
[ mood | happy ]

Tonight was great. Thanksss.

I love swimming at night and getting out as your fingers start to get icky. I have a lot of fun with Jon doing a whole lot of nothing. It's great.

For those of you I offended with my last post with something about Nicole being psycho, I take that back. That wasn't the best situation to meet her in and I'm sure that she is really sweet.

Anyways. I like this song. "I'm gonna tear your ass up like we just got married and you're all mine now" It's interesting.

K. Another pointless entry.

♥ hk

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omfg [05 Jun 2005|08:19pm]
[ mood | what the heckkk ]

If theres anything I hate worse than asshole boys, it's psycho ex girlfriends. bitches.

ugh. i hate you nicole

edit ♥

Okay so yeah. The chick was just there to get a plate and some pictures. But stilllll. Anyways. I went to the movies tonight with Katie and chris something or other. Oh yeah. Me and katie are going to the MAE show. :) yaaay

♥ hk

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[04 Jun 2005|01:08am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Oh man.

I had a great time tonight :) I don't know why I ever felt like I was settling for less when I was with you. I'm crazy what can I say.

Holy Shit. I just saw quite possibly the most REDNECK thing in the world. Let me explain. Jon just left and I was bored so I was flipping through the channels when I came upon WRESTLE BIRMINGHAM. So yea. I watched a little and shitfuckdamn the oldest fattest HARRiEST men were wrestling to "if heaven aint a lot like dixie" I mean God I know we live in Alabama people but that's no excuse to wear tights and act like a complete idiot.

Anyways. phone.

♥ hk

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[03 Jun 2005|04:25pm]

I feel like such a bitch right now and I don't know why. I hate feeling jealous. I just.. I feel like the same thing is going to happen just like it did last year. But I mean, what can I do? I can say something about it to you and loose you orrrr I can not say anything to you and loose you. fuck.

♥ hk
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[01 Jun 2005|04:14pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So yeah. I'm getting a new puppy. YAY! :)

I love spending time with friends. Especially when they're the very best in the world. :)

Posting pictures later. i love you.

oh yeah. so im dating someone right now. he's pretty much awesome.

♥ hk

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[26 May 2005|12:43pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So yeah.

I think it's pretty safe to say that this summer is going to be fun. Hm, most of it anyways. It's looking like I'm going to be working just about everyday starting in June. Maybe that's not a bad thing though. I like money.

Hey Lindsey don't worry about my car. I'm glad we got that shit out of the paint FiNALLY anddd my dad said he was planning on taking me to get my windows tinted anyways hah. So yeah. It's fine. Until then, though, it looks like someone emptied shit out my window while going down the road. =\ Oh well. I think it's.. interesting.

Todays the first day that I haven't had anything interesting to do. Until about 10 minutes ago I was laying out. Yeah that gets pretty boring really fast.

My brother is such a bitch. All he does is whine and cry. Ugh. Oh and I think he and his friend, Zack, are gay together. Really. I woke up before them this morning and went to look in his room and they were pretty much on top of each other. Mmm. If that's not gay then I don't know what is.

But yeah. Yet another pointless and boring post from me.

♥ hk

Oh hey and Lindsey, I got rid of the stuff out my window. If you need them, they're in front of C.J's drive way.

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[22 May 2005|06:50pm]
So yeah. This weekend has been nice. I love my friends more than anything and that's great.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ill be looking at the moon but ill be seeing youCollapse )
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[18 May 2005|06:32pm]
And just because Katie tagged me.

Way to many to count

The entire 4th season of the Sopranos

The great escape

Princess Diaries 1, princess diaries 2, the great escape, beauty and the beast, the sandlot

five people im tagging..
s2spartan, x_l0ve_me_4me_x, one_true_story, sehnsuchtengel,boyss_suck
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[16 May 2005|09:11pm]
So here I go. I'm jumping back into this thing whole-heartedly. Please be there to help me. please.

♥ hk
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[15 May 2005|07:40pm]
SO yeah.

I've got 5 1/2 days left of school. It seems like it should just now be December or something. Who cares though. I'm glad it's coming to an end because that means I'm that much closer to graduating.

Dear you. I'm glad things went nicely Friday. You still owe me that dog. I figured after all that went on I would miss you more than I do, but I don't & I guess that is a good thing.

I have absoultely nothing to talk about. Band banquet is Saturday. I love getting dressed up. Is it wrong for me to like someone and then see them and be like ughh god. I think so. I like someone new. That's always fun. =)

K. Going now. sorry for being so boring.

♥ hk
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[12 May 2005|10:18pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Today was fun. I guess..

We disected something gross today in biology. Katie,Will, Ryan, Lindsey, & Audra were all in my room. Sadly, I'm really going to miss everyone in there next year. lol. Mrs. Ross turned on that song Margaritaville today and was dancing to it. That's pretty scary. She's pretty scary,actually. When Ryan and I went to go throw away what remained of our shark, we saw Revel smoking in some closet. Hm. I think he is a child mollester.

Third block was cool. Me and Stew layed on the stage like always and sang whatever came on the radio. Now that Avril Lavigne song "fall to pieces" is stuck in my head. I kind of like it.

But yeah. Practice is.. well practice. Our dance is pretty cute. I like everyone so far. Sometimes it doesn't even feel like I'm there. It's weird.

Okay well I've got to finish this gay ass wedding shit. I hate Sinclair. Fat whore.

♥ hk

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[09 May 2005|06:13pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Wow. Only like .. I don't know how many days left of school but it's not a lot. yay.

Tomorrow the band and dance team have to go to the Elementary School to perform for some kids. fun. I kinda wish we didn't have any new kids on there. I liked it the way it was last year. Oh well.. You can't always have things the way you want them.

So there's this boy that I like a lot. :) I made him a birthday cake this weekend and it was so pretty... until he carried it crooked..ly lol and it slid around but its okay I guess he still liked it.

K well this entry wasn't anything short of pointless..

♥ hk

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